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What is Love?

Is it a many splendored thing? Does it mean never having to say “I’m sorry”? Or is it when a person knows all of your secrets but doesn’t think any less of you?

A better question might be, “How do you KNOW when you’re in love?”

The clinical definition of love is 🤓“The personal experience and manifest expression of emotional attachment or bonding to another person”.😳 blah, blah...blah!

Simply put it’s a spiritual, emotional and physical connection between two people...or an least one or two of those! 😍

Bottom line... Love comes in many forms. There are at least eight different kinds of love which I will be sharing with you! ❤️ #IfeIsLove #LoveIsLove #FallInLove #LoveLoveLove #RettasRawNecessities

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